Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little bit of everything.

This post doesn't have much of a theme but here it goes:
I was looking at my postcard collection yesterday and realized I forgot to scan the two latest additions to my collection. So here they are. Normally I go for the ones with the best messages written on the back, but these two were mainly chosen for their pretty pictures.

I also forgot to scan my two "newest" magazines. The covers weren't overly attractive so here are a few of my favourite pictures of Hollywood stars from the November 1934 issue of New Movie.

Mary Pickford

Myrna Loy

And this has to be my all time favourite picture of Ginger Rogers!

I am so excited to have some 1930's magazines now. The early 1930's is by far my favourite time period but I was having a difficult time finding magazines from then (that I could afford anyways). Then on my last trip to the antique market I found three (!) lovely magazines. The third one is going to be a Christmas present, but I will be shortly posting some lovely scans from the two I already have :)

And finally, here is the end result of my latest sewing project. It was made using a 1960's pattern but I had to alter the sleeves and add a belt. I have come to the conclusion that 1960's styles just don't suit me. I look better in clothes that are more fitted and structured. Nevertheless I love this dress, if only from the fact it is made using Ikea fabric! Ikea has some really great (and cheap) fabrics right now! Well I find it exciting...

That's All.


  1. I'm starting to get really into the 30s lately. It was an interesting decade and it tends to get overlooked... Congrats on the dress! I love the fabric!


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