Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oil Cleansing?

I ran out of cleanser last week so I decided to experiment with something I have thought about trying for a while: the oil cleansing method. The basic method involves applying an oil to your skin then removing it with a toner (such as witch hazel). It is basically the same thing as the cold cream method only using an oil.

It relies on the principle that oil dissolves oil. You apply oil to your face in order to remove more oil and dirt. I have heard of just using water and a washcloth to remove the oil afterwards but that didn't seem to get it all off so I opted for a witch hazel toner.

For oil I tried Jojoba oil (which is actually a liquid wax produced from a seed) mixed with tea tree oil. At the beginning of the week I was using a lavender witch hazel without alcohol, which didn't seem effective enough at removing the oil, so I switched to a basic witch hazel toner that did contain alcohol (both by Thayers).
I was hoping that it would live up to its claims but by the end of the week my skin was breaking out a lot more than normal. Has anyone else tried this method? I was really disappointed that it didn't work.

I guess I am back to searching for an all natural facial cleanser. What do you ladies use on your skin? I am always curious about what other people use since my skin has always been "problem skin". (Both my parents had terrible acne and my grandmas was so severe her parents took her to get experimental medical procedures to try and help it, so I think genetics might have something to do with it....)


  1. A few months ago I started using cold cream followed with a witch hazel toner and have been extremely pleased with the results. The key for me is using a wet warm washcloth to remove the cream, as tissues left way too much makeup behind.

    Remember too that any new skin care regimen can make you break out while your face gets used to the new method...maybe give it some more time?

  2. Everything I've read about OCM says you need to use castor oil plus a carrier oil. Massage it into your skin, then put a hot hot HOT washcloth over your face and wait for it to cool off. Do that two or three times, wipe off any leftover oil (there won't be very much)and voila.

    I've been using it for about a month and have not experienced any breakouts, and my skin is softer and prettier than it has ever been.


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