Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Halloween Costume?

Hello everyone. Once again no room pictures (I know! I keep promising and promising.......) but I am having a bit of a dilemma and thought I would ask for your advice.

I am trying to decide on a Halloween costume. Since it is only a little over a month away I figured it was time to start planning an outfit (school eats up a lot of time so a month isn't a long time to buy supplies). I would love to make my costume, although I don't have a whole lot of time or money. I also don't seem to have a lot of good ideas.

I want something with a vintage theme to it, but just dressing like I am from another decade seems too easy. I dress like that normally!The only three ideas I even half like so far are:

1) Rosie the Riveter
- Blue button up shirt with cuffs rolled up, hair curled and pinned up under a red and white scarf (I have the perfect one!), red lipstick, and either a pair of high waisted trousers or overalls
2) Rita Hayworth as Gilda
-black evening gown (I have one that is similar to her's but not strapless), hair down and curled, long black gloves, some form of simple but sparkly necklace
3) Julia Ogden/ Victorian Lady (for people who don't watch Murdoch Mysteries)
-black skirt, button-up blouse (buttoned all the way up), grey vest, a tie, hair either pinned up or in a long braid, Victorian-style boots, and a straw derby (if I can find one for a decent price)

Which one do you like best? And I am open to suggestions if anyone has any other ideas :)


  1. I like the first idea the best, since I think that it will be recognizable to more people.

  2. Ow what a nice surprise! I have almost that kind of hat, what the woman is wearing in the last picture :) Funny!


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