Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well if I drop out of Math I can always become a Milliner...

I really do not enjoy university. That whole thing about it being the best years of your life? That better be a lie or else I am going to be veeerrryy disappointed in life. Right now I am looking forward to retirement.

As I am sure you can tell, it has been a hard first week (and the week isn't even half over yet!). My room is still a disaster so no pictures yet. Here instead is a picture of the hat I just made (the glue gun is still hot!). It is the result of my latest shopping trip to Michaels. I bought the flowers (on sale for $1!) and a square of felt (also $1). I was going to try and steam the felt into a 1930's shape but that didn't quite work. Still I am happy with the result. Total cost for new hat? $2!!!! :D

Also bought on my Michaels trip were some lovely notecards. 8pack for $1.50 (well actually it was $6 for 4 8packs but that is a lot of notecards)! I love writing letters and these give me the perfect excuse. I also bought a mug with the same picture on it (my old mug seems to have gotten lost in transit....)

And finally, just before I left I made one last trip to the Kirby book sale.

Some I bought just for their covers:
And some I bought just for their age (this book is circa 1890 and I got it for $1!):
That's All.


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