Saturday, December 11, 2010

Antique Market Goodies

One exam done, three to go. So far it isn't going well. I am always amazed how I can be able to do all the practise problems, have all the formulas memorized, and still do badly on the exam.
I took a much needed trip to my favourite antique store today. It may be my last visit before I move back home for another 4 months. It was warmer today so I decided to dress up a bit. All my dresses are back home already so I just wore a big poofy skirt, a sweater and black ballet flats. The flats were a bad idea though, since I had to wait for the bus in several inches of snow.
The hat I bought at the market. It was in a pile of other hats which were all $4! They had had a tough life. If I had a hat block I would have bought more to try and reshape. This one seemed in decent condition though. It is black velvet with the cutest little bow at the back. I also bought some postcards. My collection is strictly from before 1920, and I only buy ones that have cute messages on the back. This time I obtained ones from 1912, 1910, and 1902 (my oldest one so far!). To add to my collection of scanning materials, I bought two magazines. I think I need a larger scanner though. It is too small to fit the whole magazine :(
That's All.


  1. gorgeous buys! i have a little postcard collction too:) good luck for the rest of your exams xx

  2. I love the postcards it must be nice reading the messages.


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