Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog Maintenance Time

Seems a few blogs are taking the time to redo their look. And since I am never happy with the look of my blog, I decided to do a bit of a makeover too. You will notice the new header. What do you think? I was getting a little sick of seeing my picture every time I checked my blog. More importantly, it made checking my blog awkward at school (I could just imagine everyone sitting behind me thinking "Is she checking out pictures of herself on the internet?")

I am thinking about organizing my sidebar links as well. That might take some time though. Most of the blogs I follow have a similar theme so it will be hard to organize them into categories. Maybe by country?

Any suggestions or advice is always appreciated. Hope everyone is having a lovely week. Now back to studying for exams...

That's All.


  1. the new header is cute and the font is lovely


  2. The new header is great. And I have similar worries when I open up my blog on my lunch break! I need to sort out my blog roll too, I have too many to display on the front page and it is making me feel guilty that some people are missing.

  3. Hey, I just passed on a blog award for you at my blog! :)


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