Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simple Fingerless Gloves

This post took longer than anticipated due to the fact I couldn't seem to take decent pictures. So please excuse some of the pictures, since my camera hates the colour red and I had to use my own hands for modelling (I would never be able to get a job as a hand model!).

This weeks crafting project is a pair of fingerless gloves. Not super "vintagey" but very practical. I live in an old house, which means in the winter my hands get very cold when inside. These gloves are warm but still allow you to have use of your fingers (for typing or knitting!). This is a very simple project; if you can knit a scarf then you can knit these gloves.
Simple Fingerless Gloves
-Yarn (I used 100% wool to keep my hands extra toasty)
-Knitting Needles (around a US size 9 or 10)
1) Cast on stitches to create the length of the glove. I used 25 stitches for mine but add more if you would like them longer.
2) Use a plain knit stitch, and continue knitting until it can comfortably fit around your wrist (without stretching). Cast off.
3) Repeat, creating another rectangle of the exact same size.
4) Decide where to put your thumb hole (trying placing your hand on the rectangle to get an idea of size and placement). I used bobby pins to mark the spot.
5) Use some of your yarn to sew the top and bottom of your knitting together (leaving the hole for the thumb open).
6) Turn inside out and you're done! You can embellish these plain gloves any way you like. Perhaps a row of buttons up the side, or some lace around the edges? I knitted little bows from this pattern and attached one to each glove.And that's it! Very easy and very quick to knit. Want something more complicated? Check out my Etsy shop for some more challenging vintage patterns. Yes I know, shameless self promotion ;)


  1. That's a great idea. I've been knitting a couple of similar ones, but I tried to make them more difficult and since I'm no knitting master they haven't turned out too good. I'm gonna try those instead.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award!


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