Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two (late) New Years Resolutions

I wasn't going to make any New Years resolutions this year. There was nothing that really seemed worth making a resolution about. Then as I was trying to tidy up a bit I realized how much stuff I actually have crammed in my room. I now have two resolutions:

1) Stop buying things I "want" and only buy things I "need"
2) Use up what I have
The last resolution mainly pertains to my craft supplies and fabric stash. My fabric is overspilling its storage unit, as are various things I have saved with the intention of "one day doing something with that". Well that "someday" is now.
So far I have used up fabric by making:
-Pajama pants (really cute but in the wash so no pictures)
-A really ugly little purse (I hate quilting!!!!)
-A dress from a 1950's pattern I wanted to try
I actually wore the dress for a girls night out, but had to pair it with a little wool sweater and tights since it was freezing out!

I also made a random pom-pom today. No idea what to actually do with it now... (It is the same size as the picture. Any suggestions?)
I am also dying a sweater as I type this. I had two packets of red dye left over from a Halloween costume I never made. Red dye+White (stained) Sweater=(hopefully) Cute Red Sweater.
How is everyone else doing with their resolutions? I only made mine three days ago and already kind of broke resolution #1. I bought a copy of a 1951 Life magazine. I "needed" it for scanning :D
That's All.


  1. I just broke my own "need" resolution yesterday....good luck with yours! Love your dress...and the sweater looks like it's coming along nicely!

  2. I did some more shopping than intendened (over 50€). But not too much. Let's see if that will be reduced from February's shopping...

  3. Oh you can only be so strict with things you need vs things you want. Otherwise you would live like a hermit. Lovely blue dress that you have made, well done on all the sewing.

  4. You should do some tutorial posts on how to sew for us newbies who are envious of your creations, hehehe! :) Lovely job on the dress!

  5. Oh my goodness, that is SUCH a cute dress! I'm hoping my MIL will be able to help me with some of the patterns I have. And thanks again for the award! Here is the post:



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