Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Sewing Room

The roads were terrible when I woke up this morning. My boss had already told me not to come in if the roads were bad so I stayed home. This meant I could spend all day inside doing nothing, which I did :D

Well I suppose I shouldn't say "nothing" since I got a lot of knitting done, and I also managed to snap a few quick pictures of my recently made-over sewing room. My "sewing room" serves a variety of functions. It is a place for me to watch movies, hang out with friends, store a lot of my stuff, and is sort of a hallway to our upperdeck. Which all these other functions, it perhaps isn't the best room for sewing. Still, I love having a space to relax and create something beautiful. So without further ado here is what my sewing room now looks like:
Bird's eye view of my work space. The craft show sign I actually found in the middle of the woods. I have to sewing standing up due to the height of the counter, which doesn't help the straightness of my seams...

On the back of my door I have re-purposed a broken embroidery hoop and some clothes pegs to create an "inspiration board".
1930's hats make any space beautiful.

I use a thrifted silver tray and a piece of vintage fabric to decorate my folding wall table.

Ribbon storage and antique postcard display.
This "side table" is actually a small stool with a box and a tray on top. I store most of my knitting supplies in the box.

I love this trunk for storing fabric and materials for sewing projects.

Where do you ladies sew/craft/be creative? I just love looking at other peoples work spaces so if you feel like doing a post in response to this please leave me a link in the comments :)
I would just like to give a big thank you to Betty2Tone Vintage for giving me a Stylish Blogger Award. Since I just did this one a few posts back I won't bore you with more facts about myself. But thank you!

That's All.


  1. I love how you have everything set up in your sewing room, esp. the ribbon and post cards. So cute :D

  2. No worries about not posting facts again. Thanks for the shoutout though :D

  3. what a lovely little haven. Very cosy and enviably organized!!

  4. You've given me the inspiration I need to go clean in my craft room (which we are currently calling the "crap room").

  5. Love your space mine may one day be as nice ha will see.I LOVE your idea for the ribbons I have so many and will do something similar.Thansk for sharing

  6. I love your little sewing space, so well organised unlike mine!

  7. Uber jealous of your space! I really need a whole weekend of sorting out my entire flat!


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