Sunday, February 13, 2011


On Saturday night, I went with my parents to see a local theatre production of Suds. It is a musical set in the 1960's about a girl who works in a laundry mat. She is having troubles finding the right man so two guardian angels come to help her out.
To be honest I didn't expect much from a small theatre musical, especially since most of the people who produce these plays are volunteers. However, the stars of the production were excellent and all had lovely voices (one of the actresses was actually Donna Lajeunesse, who was a finalist on How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?(Canada)). I very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the production.

Most people at the theatre were casually dressed, but I always think you should get dressed up for a night out so I wore one of the 1950's dresses I got for Christmas. I had to throw a little sweater over-top since it is still freezing outside.
In other news, I have been sticking to my new years resolutions of using up some of my craft supplies and only buying things I need. I used up some scraps of yarn for these cute little mice. (They now live in my sewing room. Makes me feel like Cinderella!)
From Left: Ralph, Samantha, Freddy, and Maurice
I bought this cute vintage powder container since I needed something to hold my cornstarch (which I use as face powder).
I also bought this 1947 sewing manual because I, um, "needed" it to decorate my sewing room :D
Ok yes, still having problems with this need vs. want thing but I'm working on it!

That's All.


  1. I love the mice, and that play sounds like fun!

  2. The mice are too cute. Stash-busting is on my to-do list, as well. Did you use a pattern for them?

  3. @Lauren: I used a basic pattern for the mice but I designed some of the accessories myself. Here is the basic pattern I used

  4. So cute! Love the one in the beret!!! x

  5. those mice are so cute you will have to upload the pattern for them

  6. omg i love the mice <3 so adorable :)

  7. Could you post the pattern for the mice?
    The are SO lovely. :)

  8. @Sanne: I posted the link to the basic pattern for the mice in the comments above ^

  9. Thank you, Kate. I don't read comments, don't have the time. I'm so glad to have found your blog. I love vintage style. :)


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