Monday, March 7, 2011

Casual Weekend Outfit

A lot of Saturday was spent in the car. I went to the Hamilton Home Show to see Sarah Richardson. She's my absolute favourite interior designer. (If you haven't seen any of her rooms, check her out. She is fabulous!) Unfortunately Hamilton is quite a distant away, so it took nearly 2 hours to get there.

Between a long car ride and dinner with my dad's side of the family (who tend to make snide comments about my vintage look) I decided to dress more casual than normal. I don't often wear jeans anymore but I decided to pair them with a grey vest and my latest sewing creation, a 1940's button up blouse. The picture was taken at the end of the day so unfortunately my hair and makeup wasn't as nice as earlier :(

Vest: Smartset
Jeans: Winners
Blouse: Sewn by me from a 1940's blouse pattern

The only other thing of note this week was that I received my giveaway prize from Porcelina's World. It was a lovely stationary set. I must say how much I loved the card she sent along with the gift. It was all so pretty!

One Last Thing...
As you may have noticed, I have added some pages along the top of my blog. I have created a page with links to neat vintage related websites I have come across (which I will hopefully be adding to), as well as a page with links to my accounts on various sites such as Ravelry (add me as a friend!).

The only page I am having issues with is the About Me page. I am totally stumped on what to write about myself. So I thought I would ask all of you what you would like to know. Leave me a comment asking me anything you would like to know (within reason...) and I will post my answers in the About Me section. It can be a serious or a silly question. Bonus points for creative questions!

Apologies again, but I am still having trouble with leaving comments. I'm not ignoring you all, I just can't comment on anything. It's driving me nuts!
Update: Ok after posting this, my computer decided I was allowed to comment again! Yay!!!


  1. HEY, I was there, too on Saturday...though we went in the morning (we live only minutes away from Hamilton). Did you get to see Sarah? I only saw Chef Lynne whatsher name from the Food Network. ANyway, small world! Love the colour of that blouse!

  2. @ BaronessVonVintage: Yes, I got to see the presentation she did in the afternoon. It was jammed packed though. About 1.5 hours before all the seats were already taken. I had to stand but I managed to get very close to the stage :)

  3. So glad it arrived safely!!

    Great blouse, fabulous colour!

    Miss P xx

  4. Oh man! I'm so glad other Canadian ladies love Sarah Richardson! I personally am all about Tommy just because he's pure fabulousness!

    I also love that you buy at Smart Set, they have some AWESOME vintage inspired stuff there! I got the best wiggle dress there last year, i should pull that thing out...when it's not -32 here.

    Miss B

  5. This blouse looks great, it's sad that you have to vary your routine of clothing by others, I understand you. Years ago when I was visiting my husband's family, I "disguised" so your feeling is shared.

  6. This is an awesome outfit it is approved :)I believe it is a good idea to talk about yourself. Mention your interests the things that make you Kate ;). Talk about your hate for my cll phone lol and how you love Catsy. Talk about how you love and hate your job, your tea interests I could almost write this for you :P


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