Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Typewriters and Technical Difficulties

First off, I must apologize for not responding to comments and not commenting on other people's blogs for about the last week and a half. My computer has decided it hates me and will not allow me to log in to post comments. I have tried everything I can think of but it still isn't working. While I continue to try and fix this problem please understand that I do read all your comments and every single post from every blog I follow, my computer just wont let me comment!

On a happier note I have finally replaced my old typewriter! As you may remember my typewriter was a very ugly 1990's model that wasn't working properly anymore. It would randomly decide to start typing in the centre or write in all captials, and then beep at me if I tried to change it back to normal! This is what it looked like:

Ok I may have edited the photo just a teensy bit...

After work one day I stopped in at one of the little antique stores in town. They normally don't have anything of interest but that day a beautiful typewriter caught my eye. After much deliberation I went back about a week later and bought it! I've named her Miss Lemon which I think is an excellent name for a typewriter.

She is a 1923 Underwood #5. The interesting thing is that she is actually a teaching typewriter. This means none of the keys are labeled. I will have to brush up a bit on my typing skills before I can use her but it will be so worth it!

Some people have a bucket list. I have a "5 things to buy before I die" list. An old typewriter was #5 on the list. One down, four more to go! If anyone is curious the rest of the list consists of: an old farm complete with a brick Victorian farm house, a single strand of real pearls, an oil or acrylic portrait of myself (ok yes, a little bit narcissistic but I have always wanted my portrait painted!), and a car from before 1950.

That's All.


  1. Oh wow, she is a beauty. And I love the name, brilliant. I am so with you on the rambling old farm x

  2. Miss Lemon is the perfect name for her, she is a "stunner" xx

  3. Well, you've accomplished perhaps one of the easier things on the list. :D Lovely typewriter. Even though I rarely look much at my keys when I type, I imagine having not a thing on them at all would take quite some getting used to!

  4. *drool*

    I hope it still works as well as it looks! Though the no letters on the keys part would be rather interesting to get used to. :)

  5. Oh, no please, Miss Lemon is not enough .... Lemon Lady! This beautiful machine has high graduation!
    Love your list, I have to think of own list.


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