Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Exams, Pattern Discount, and a Curtain Skirt

Exams have started and I'm afraid my posts may become sporadic until the end of August. I'm rather busy studying for exams and getting ready to move (again).

Since I won't have much time for posting I thought I would offer a 20% discount code for the knitting patterns in my Etsy shop for my readers. Just use the code VINTAGEINAMODERNWORLD to get 20% until the end of August. I have a lot more designs in the works but I'm afraid it may be another month or two before I get a chance to finish them.

I haven't had much of a chance to do anything lately but here is an outfit shot from a few weeks ago. The skirt is actually two curtain panels I sewed together. I just used a ribbon threaded through the holes to cinch the waist. An elastic would have been better but this way I still have the option of easily turning it back into curtains if I wish in the future.
 (Please ignore the fact I have no shoes on. I didn't want to get the carpet dirty)
Outfit Details:
Skirt: Made by me from 2 curtain panels and some ribbon
Top: Giant Tiger
Hair Bow: Also made by me using the same ribbon as the skirt
Earrings: Made by me

That's All.


  1. That is a great outfit,,, Oh yeah I have passed on some fancy Blog awards to you go check them out! :)

  2. That's such a clever idea! I'm off to browse your Etsy shop...

  3. Best of luck with your exams and your move! Hang in there--I know it can be stressful!

    OK- I love that you left the curtains in curtain form in case. Sounds like something I would do! I think the skirt is awfully cute.

  4. Coool! I love making clothing and accessories out of other fabrics from around the house, you did a really nice job!

  5. What a brilliant idea, especially as no one would guess such a pretty skirt was once (and can still be) curtains! Fabulous!
    Good Luck with your Exams:)

  6. That waistband is too cool! & so pretty!



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