Wednesday, February 8, 2012


With Valentines Day coming up so soon, I thought I would share with you these darling homemade Valentines I bought at an antique store last year. I know very little about these, other than the fact they are completely adorable! I love the homemade quality, and the cute little poems a couple of them feature.

What is everyone doing for Valentines Day? I plan on curling up (after class of course), with my knitting and a cup of tea, and watching a marathon of Fred and Ginger movies. I always prefer Valentines Day when I'm not in a relationship. I know that sounds odd, but I enjoy spending the day pampering myself. When I was in high-school I used to hold a tea party for all my single friends. It was great fun and I wish I had time to do something similar this year. Oh well, tea with Fred and Ginger is always nice ;)


  1. Lovely idea, Miss Kate! The Mr doesn't believe in Valentine's Day, so maybe I will do something similar, but watch "Down With Love"!


  2. Aww these are gorgeous and so sweet! Thanks for showing them! XxxX


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