Saturday, February 4, 2012

Victorian Calling Cards

School has become rather hectic as we enter "midterm hell". I have what feels like a million assignments due and three midterms next week alone. So just a heads up posts may become even less frequent over the next few weeks. As I have a spare minute (i.e. if I study one more equation my head will explode), I thought I would share my little collection of Victorian Calling Cards. I picked these up on Etsy with some of the money I got for Christmas. Aren't they sweet?

I find the idea of calling cards completely fascinating. I have been reading up about them in some of my reprints of Victorian etiquette books (yes I have more than one book on Victorian etiquette... Doesn't everyone?). Often they were simply dropped off at a friends house (handed to a maid or other servant) to show you were thinking of them and had stopped by. The cards in my collection that don't appear to have names actually have the name hidden under the picture (which lifts up). 

Well I should get back to studying. Oh, in case I forget, I should mention that I have created a facebook page for my Etsy store. I just thought it would be a great way to keep everyone up-to-date on my latest patterns, and give sneak-previews at some of my works in progress. I also plan on sharing neat vintage sewing and millinery resources I come across. If you are interested feel free to like my page.   

That's All.


  1. These are lovely, great find! X

  2. Aren't calling cards divine? If I had any reason to have business cards, they would look like the ones above.

  3. Really lovely cards, thanks for showing! XxxX

  4. Love them! I think it's rather sad that actual interaction with people is so limited now that we don't need calling cards. :-(

  5. I love the idea of calling cards. I did some research awhile back as well and discovered that a number of people actually had photo calling cards with their portrait on the front! Then, when I went to a Civil War reenactment, low and behold what did I find? A vendor selling these very same photo calling cards. Fabulousness, I tell you, fabulousness.


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