Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fairy Garden

I spent a bit of time out in the garden last week, when the weather was still lovely, working on getting my small garden back into shape. My dad is the main gardener in the family and we have quite an impressive flower garden and also a rooftop vegetable garden. I have a very small, rather shady plot in the backyard that I grow lavender and a few other herbs in. I love gardening but I'm afraid I've killed a heck of a lot of plants over the years....
My small plot of garden
I bought a few herbs at the garden centre that needed more sunlight than my poor little garden could provide. So I decided to make a "fairy garden" in an old urn that I could move to a sunnier spot. I thought it turned out rather cute, but I do wish I could have found a bigger pot as my plants are a little crowded.


The bench I made myself with hot glue and some sticks. The birdhouse came from an old faux-flower arrangement mother was given. The stones form a short pathway through the mini garden.  

I do hope my little garden survived the terrible storm we had last night. When the weather calms down, I will need to go outside and assess the damage. It will give me something to do as I still haven't gotten a new laptop (my goal for next week is to buy a new one).

That's All.


  1. That's so sweet. I used to have a 'fairy door' which on the skirting board in the hallway, complete with tiny slippers for tired fairy feet! X

  2. So pretty. I wish I had a garden again. They can be hard to come by in London! I have to make do with some mint in a pot on the kitchen table ;)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  3. Aw i love it. it reminds me a little of that 'fairytale' movie.

  4. What an immensely darling little garden fairy land of adorable enchantment.

    Wishing you a joyful weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I love the little bench you made, it is adorable! I also saw some "fairy doors" to cover knots in trees and your bench reminded me of them! You should make a tutorial! Love your blog, glad I found it!

  6. Oh this is so lovely! The Fairy's will love it. :) xx


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