Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, so my birthday was actually last week but I've been so busy I only just got a chance to edit the photos. I had a lovely but understated birthday this year. My parents took me out to my favourite coffee shop in the afternoon and then we came back and had an intimate family dinner. I went with a floral theme this year.

My cake was lemon and decorated with edible flowers. I also had lavender lemonade with violas frozen in icecubes. For the main course we had a salad and a quiche. There were also chocolate truffles, an Earl Grey flavour and a rose flavoured type. Everything was made from scratch by me.
My lovely cake. It has a whipped cream frosting.
Strawberry Vanilla Rose Black Tea
Roses from our garden
Lavender Lemonade with Viola icecubes

My mother wrapped all my gifts in beautiful floral paper. I didn't want very much this year, but in the end I got two farming books, some dish towels, and a stunning paper-doll book of 1930's fashions. 22 is not too old for paper dolls, especially ones as stunning as these!

I am completely in love with this book!!

Britt came over after dinner, and we went out for coffee and thrifting. She even dressed up! I forgot to photograph the lovely gifts she bought me, but they included a book on herbs, a 1940's copy of Pollyanna, and a decorative tin with a 1910's illustration on it.
Britt looking stunning as always. 

Me being slightly less comfortable in front of the camera...
My hair had faux flowers and ribbons in it. 

It's been a busy week, but I'm taking the weekend off to relax. And hopefully I will be able to get some of my sewing projects done, as well as my embroidery projects. Aren't they cute so far?

That's All.


  1. Happy birthday! You look great in turquoise, and I must say, that cake and ice cubes are the prettiest I've ever seen!

  2. A belated happy birthday! And what an amazing cake, I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked!

    My friends and family have decided that I definitely am too old for paper dolls, as frequent placing of such items on wishlists (have you seen the Doris Day ones they do?!) has not resulted in a purchase...

    Miss P xx

  3. Happy birthday! What lovely flower accents!

  4. beautiful! will you be sharing any recipes?

    and happy happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love the use of flowers on your cake :)

  6. What a charmingly pretty outfit! I adore (!) your floral print skirt, and wish I had one just like it to wear on my birthday in a couple of weeks.

    Happiest birthday wishes, dear gal!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Happy birthday, Miss Kate! I hope it was as lovely as it looked.


  8. Your birthday celebration looks like it was positively delightful! The whipped cream frosting on your cake has the typical shiny look of a traditional boiled frosting, but perhaps that's just the lighting/camera.

    If you don't mind, perhaps I can come over and play with your lovely paper dolls. *sigh*

  9. Happy belated Birthday! Such a pretty theme and I am swooning over that cake! SO BEAUTIFUL and it looks like it was very yummy! xx


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