Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am exhausted! After a busy week of school related work, my parents and I went for a mini-holiday to check out a potential property. We have been property hunting for a while, but as of yet have been unsuccessful. This time it was an adorable 33acre farm with a stone farm house from circa 1880. It was really pretty but needed a lot of work (it hasn't been lived in for 10 years, no electricity, no water (they used a hand pump), no heat, etc...). I loved it but I'm not sure if my parents are going to go for it.

 It was a fun but tiring trip. I forgot to take any pictures, so instead here are some outfit shots from the other week. I was meeting my high school friends for a mini reunion. Please excuse the wrinkles; these were taken after sitting in a movie theatre for a few hours. 

Outfit Details:
Blouse: Smartset
Trousers:  DangerousGarbs which seems to have disappeared from Etsy... Anyone know what happened?
Boots: Softmoc
Sunglasses: Icings
Scarf: Vintage

That's All.


  1. We are property hunting too - that sounds lovely, if a LITTLE work! My 7 year old daughter asked why we just couldn't move our WHOLE house (pick it up and move it onto 10 acres). I wish it were that easy! Good luck - and I love the outfit xx

  2. That property sounds thoroughly intriguing, but like it would call for a rather hefty amount of time and money to bring it up to snuff. I'm sure just the right spot is out there, just waiting for the moment when you find it and suddenly get that wonderful "this is home" feeling.

    ♥ Jessica


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