Sunday, July 8, 2012

Umbrella Revamp (part 1) - DIY Lace Parasol

A while ago my grandmother gave me a broken umbrella in hopes that I could do something with it.  I made two different projects from it and  decided to put together a tutorial for each of the projects. The first one is for a lace parasol. 

You will need:
-Umbrella (it can be slightly bent and the fabric torn/unattached but should still function)
-A piece of lace slightly larger than the original umbrella fabric
The original umbrella

1) Remove fabric from base. The top knob should screw off. Carefully snip the threads attaching the fabric to the arms. 
2) If the arms are slightly bent, gently bend them back into shape (this is much easier to do with the fabric removed).
3) Use the umbrella fabric as a pattern to cut out the lace. Leave a ½” seam allowance around the edges.Save the umbrella fabric! I will be posting another tutorial later this week on what to do with it. 
I folded the original fabric in half, then cut it out along a fold of the lace.
This made it easier to cut out. 

4) Cut a tiny hole in the top to fit over the centre of the umbrella base. Carefully try it over the frame. Remove and carefully sew the trim to the edges. I used a zigzag stitch with the trim lain on top of the fabric. You may also want to use a zigzag stitch around the centre hole you cut depending on your lace.
5)Again, carefully put the fabric onto the frame. This time secure it with the centre knob. Hand-stitch the fabric to the base in the same places where the original fabric was sewn on. 

And that’s it! You now have your very own lace parasol.  


  1. I have been trying for ages to find a decent parasol, but I believe I'll take your advice and make one of my own.


  2. My goodness, this is spectacular! You are one talented gal, my dear - many sweet thanks for sharing this awesome idea with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Now I just need to find a broken umbrella..........thankyou for a wonderful idea xxx

  4. What a great idea! I agree with the comenters above- I haven't found a decent parasol so thanks to you I can make my own. you are a sourse of inspiration. And... Where to find a broken umbrella?

    Love <3
    Nadja Eleonora

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  6. icprinces92971@gmail.comSeptember 20, 2014 at 2:26 PM

    You could also go to one of the many dollar stores to get the umbrella... Who cares if the material is ugly.. I got it for the frame! Awesome idea!! Thanks

  7. I have been searching for a tutorial for hours! You are a life saver!!!


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