Friday, September 20, 2013

1930's Hat, Pearls, and More Pearls

I've been dashing off all over the country side looking at real estate again. (There is one that looks promising at the moment, but it's too soon to tell.) I must say I am absolutely exhausted! Luckily I have a few days to rest up and get some projects done around the house. 

Last week (amid the house hunting) I managed to get up to Port Perry again with the small informal knitting group I belong to. We stopped by a couple yarn shops and had a lovely lunch. If you are ever in Port Perry, Ontario I highly recommend going to Millers Market. It's a Christmas store with a small cafe at the back. The food is really good, especially their homemade tea biscuits (this coming from a girl who doesn't normally like tea biscuits!). 

I took the outing as an opportunity to get dressed up, as I missed "dressed up Sunday" last week. I did try a marcel wave in my hair, but it was much too humid to end up with anything but frizz. My favourite 1930's hat fixed that problem. I paired that with a modified Clara Blouse (message me on Etsy if you want to custom order one. They are really comfy!) and a thrifted skirt. I looped a long string of pearls around my waist to match the short strand around my neck.

Britt, who you may recognize from my Etsy shop photos and her occasional
 appearances on the blog, is part of the knitting group. I taught her to knit :)

Before I end this post, I just wanted to mention that I may be online sporadically over the next few weeks. I've been having wrist problems lately and have been trying to limit my computer time as it seems to make it worse. I'm hoping if I rest it enough it will get back to normal. I always feel bad when I miss out on awesome blog posts people have written, but I'm just not able to keep up with everyones postings in my limited computer time. If you post something really neat (an awesome outfit post, a tutorial of some sort, etc) can you let me know in a comment? Thanks!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
That's All.

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  1. very pretty outfit and the pearls are a great touch

    kate the old fashioned way


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