Friday, September 6, 2013

The 100 Year-Old Apple

There is a beautiful conservation area a short drive from my house. Many, many years ago the land was part of a larger farm. My grandmother actually remembers the farmer who donated the land. I was there a few days ago and discovered a trail I had never explored before. Along this trail were some old apple trees, which I'm sure are left over from when it was a farm. They must have been planted at least 100 years ago. There were plenty of apple left on the tree so I picked one and took it home. It was small and tart, but still enjoyable.

Since it didn't kill me, Britt and I went back last night and I picked a large bag-full to turn into apple sauce. Normally I never remove anything from conservation areas, but I figured the apple trees were planted there, are not a native species, and all the apples would just go to waste otherwise. Besides, there were so many apples my large bag-full barely made a dent in them.

The sun was going down but Britt snapped a few photos on my "apple picking outfit". I'm wearing one of the Clara Blouses (available in my Etsy shop) in a lightweight blue gingham, an old pair of black denim jeans, a belt I made with a vintage buckle, and of course a string of faux pearls (because pearls are right for EVERY occassion). This is the first time I've ever worn my hair with wrap-around braids. I cannot seem to french braid my own hair no matter how hard I try, so instead I created two long braids and just wrapped them around my head.

Well I'm off to make applesauce and parsnip apple soup!
Anyone else enjoying the fall harvest? I haven't done nearly the amount of preserving I did last year, but I am starting to put some food away for winter. I've already dried enough mint for a winter full of peppermint tea.

That's All.


  1. Ahhh, a fellow parsnip loving gal after my own heart! I don't know why more people don't adore these slender, carrot-esque vegetables more these days. They're a firm fave of my maternal gran and I, yet we've both remarked over the years to each other how it's rare to find others who genuinely enjoy them. I love them pretty much any way, but roasted with a little thyme, some sweet onions, lots of cracked black pepper, and perhaps a cubed potato or two, has to my very favourite (though mashed/pureed is heaven on a spoon, too!).

    Happy harvest season, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Roasted parsnips sound heavenly! Yes, it is hard to understand why more people don't like them. I love using them in soup. My dad also mashes some every Christmas dinner and serves them with butter and a hint of nutmeg, but none of the rest of the family ever eats any.

    2. Loads of parnsip lovers over here in the UK, I love a spicy parsnip soup myself!

      P x

  2. Arent apple trees neat. My parents planted two rows of apple trees on their property when I turned 7 and now that Im 35 there very large, makes me feel a bit old but its still nice. I hope someone comes along in 100 years and sees them

    kate-the old fashioned way

    1. Two rows? That sounds like it would be a lovely little orchard by now :)

  3. I do like your blouse and yes wear pearls at every occasion even picking apples. Maybe you could cut some up and open freeze for apple sauce or pies later in the year. Its a shame that they will just fall of the tree otherwise.


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