Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm late! I'm late!!!

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!
(but I wouldn't be if I had one of these adorable watches...)

Still awaiting my dress in the mail, but in the mean time I have been browsing through Etsy again. In honour of the new Alice in Wonderland movie coming out I have put together a list of my favourite pocket watches on Etsy (some I can afford and some I can only dream about...). I couldn't find many pocket watches that were actually meant to be kept in a pocket so some of these are actually necklaces (but still super cute!).
Antique Brass Pocket Watch Necklace- Timekeeper Series $9.90

Cute and simple, not to mention at a very affordable price.

Ancient. Vintage Style Pocket Watch Necklace in Black. $10.50

I just thought this one was so pretty and an amazing deal at only a little over $10!!!

Victorian Antique Black Nickel Pocket Watch Necklace with Pearl Sting $25

Ok this one I am completely in love with. I love the contrast of the more masculine watch with the delicate pearls. This would make a lovely birthday present (hint hint).

Max Factor - Exquisite Portrait Cameo Pocket Watch Compact Pendant Necklace $48

Technically not a watch but way too cute not to include on this list.

A Victorian Love Story- 1889 Pocket Watch Inscribed on Christmas Day Works Perfectly $250

Drool. I'm in love. This one in my favourite but the only way I could afford it would be if I sold a kidney. You don't really need both kidney's right?

What's the time Alice.... Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch Necklace $25

And last but not least, a watch that really ties in with the Alice in Wonderland theme. Completely adorable.


  1. What lovely picks! I especially love the last one- I am really excited about the movie, can't wait to see it.

  2. My mum has one very similar to the Ancient. Vintage Style Pocket Watch Necklace in Black. $10.50 that you posted - There is a jewellery shop in my town that sells them. My mum must have about 3 of them, but the battery has ran flat on all of them, and she can't get it anywhere for them :( but your'e right, they are very cute!


  3. I think my favorite would be the “A Victorian Love Story” pocket watch. I immediately thought of Jack and Rose’s love story when I saw the pocket watch. I hope mentioning the Titanic love story didn’t make me sound mushy. :D

    - Derek Barfield


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