Friday, March 12, 2010

Lets have a party!

The dress finally arrived! I will try and take a picture tomorrow but I am having problems with my web-cam and my camera doesn't auto-focus (it's actually quite a good camera but it is an SLR and I only have older lens that won't allow it to auto-focus).

So until then I thought I would post a passage from my mother's old home-EC textbook "Homemakers of Tomorrow"(1958). It is so ironic that it is one of my favourite books but my mom considers that course to have ruined her high school experience. She tried so hard to do well in it but it was the only course she couldn't get a decent mark in. Oh well, luckily for me she kept the textbook :)

This is from the section "Lets have a party- Invitations"

A sample telephone invitation:
You: "Hello. This is Mary Jane Forrest speaking. May I speak to Brian please?"

Brian: "Hi Mary Jane. Got your science homework done?"

You: "Not yet Brian, but I'll get around to it soon. Say: I'm having a few friends from school in for supper after the game next Saturday. Could you come? Six o'clock should give us lots of time to get to our house."

Brian: "Gee, thanks Mary Jane. Sounds just great. Sure, I'll be there."

You: Good: Be seeing you then. Six o'clock, bye."

Can't you just imagine how different that conversation would sound today? I doubt it would be nearly as polite and there would likely be some mention of getting "smashed"/ "hammered"/ "shmammered". Well there wouldn't be if I was giving the invitation. Actually I think my invitation would sound a whole lot like the one from the textbook (except I doubt the persons respond would quite the same...).

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