Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poetry makes everything better

This week is not going well. I have received bad marks on two midterms that I studied quite hard for. The first one I knew I did badly on, but the second I thought I had done relatively well. Guess I was wrong. I really hate how one bad midterm mark can ruin all the rest of the work I put into the course. My overall mark has dropped about %30 from one test! It's times like these when I need something to comfort me and sooth my shattered nerves.

I was going to bake cookies but then realized I didn't have all the equipment I needed (basically I was missing some electric mixers. I doubt I would be able to cream butter and sugar by hand...) so that didn't work out. So what's a stressed girl to do when she can't get baked goods? Watch RA fan videos of course!

RA=Richard Armitage in case you were wondering. He is by far my favourite living actor. Not only is he amazingly talented and intensely good-looking, but he actually seems like a really nice guy. He is one of the few modern actors who I think can be referred to as a gentleman (which is sad isn't it?). I needed more than just a pretty face so I listened to some of his poetry readings. I posted "Nightwatch for England" below for your listening pleasure. It was written in 1942 by Edward Shanks. It made me feel a little better...

And PS I still haven't received my dress :'(

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