Thursday, January 26, 2012

Latest Antique Store Finds

I went antiquing today for the first time in ages! I saw a lot of pretty things, but I have been trying to only buy what I need (this has been moderately successful...). I'm saving up so I can hopefully take a course in Small Business and Entrepreneurship after I finish my Bachelors in Mathematics. So much school requires waaayyy too much money :(

Anyways, here is what I bought:

A reprint of a 1960's ettiquette book. It was only $2 so I snapped it up. (Technically this was purchased from the nearby discount book store, not the antique store).
I needed a box to store my growing collection of antique jewelry. I have been looking for a box for a while, so I was quite pleased when I found this one. It was a good price and has a velvet lining. (It looks better in real-life than in the pictures...)

This last purchase I was really excited about. I found these two handknit sweaters for only $6 each. I measured and knew they would fit. Well turns out I forgot to measure the neckline on the pink one. My head is too big. So at the moment I can't actually get that one on... I may try slicing a slit up the back of the neck and adding a button. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Overall I've very happy with my purchases and it was a lovely afternoon out. Now I get to spend all night doing school work.... yippee...

That's All.


  1. Great finds!! Well done! X

  2. I like vintage etiquette books as well, and that's a lovely box to be keeping your jewellery in. Funny thing ... I know which antique place you were in because I saw those sweaters a couple of weeks ago. I remember because I thought they were a good price.

  3. Wow! That was a very productive afternoon! Congratulations!

  4. Sounds like you had a great trip! You got some amazing things! XxxX


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