Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Outfit

Not much to share this week. I've been feeling really rather ill and haven't had time to rest and get better since I have so many assignments due already. However I discovered an outfit photo on my camera from around Christmas that I had forgotten to share.

This outfit I wore when my dad's side of the family came over to celebrate Christmas (which was actually a few days after Christmas day). I didn't think the photos turned out since they arrived much too early and I only had time to take 2 photos! Normally I take about 20 and narrow it down to one, so I had assumed the outfit photos didn't turn out.

I made both the top and the skirt. The top is from a reprint of a 1930's pattern and the skirt was from a basic pencil skirt pattern I altered to give it a more 1930's look. I loved this outfit, but if I made the blouse again I would do it out of a less slippery material. I spent the whole evening worrying I was going to accidently expose a lot more than would be appropriate for a family gathering!

That's All.


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