Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Mini Vanity Table

About two weeks ago I moved into a new place for the term. The only good thing about moving every 4 months is I get to redecorate a new room. This of course presents a lot of challenges in terms of not being able to physically alter anything (like paint colours) and being limited in the amount of stuff I can bring with me. 

One thing I always try to have is a vanity table. This may sound sort of frivolous but with 3 girls sharing one bathroom I need somewhere in my room where I can do my hair and makeup in the morning. I would love to have a real vanity table but that would be too difficult to transport and there isn't enough space in my room for one anyways. Instead I always create a "mini vanity table". The basic setup includes a small folding table, a small stool, a mirror, and a light. Here is how I set it up: 

This is my "mini-vanity" table. I have it located between my closet and my dresser. I use a drawer in the dresser to store my less frequently used products and my hair stuff, but more on that later. The table cloth I custom made to fit the table and I used a bit of vintage lace around the edges. 
Here is a closer view of the vanity. I have attached an old spice rack to the wall with a removable hook (which I tried to cover with a flower since plastic hooks are not the most attractive things). 
I have an antique powder container for my face powder, and the bottle was a gift that I use for my homemade perfume.  My brushes are in a tea box that I liked the look of. Ideally I would have a separate container for my makeup brushes but I forgot the one I was going to bring so everything is in one box at the moment. 
Closeup of the spice-rack. I use it to store my various oils and other frequently used products.
The two drawers hold cotton-balls and cotton-swabs. 
I use natural makeup on a daily basis, but I do use "normal" makeup when I'm going out . My "normal" makeup I keep in an old jewelry box. 

And this is the top of the dresser located beside my vanity. It holds my jewelry and most of my hair stuff. 
Closeup on my three-tiered tray of hair stuff. I love this thing!

And that's it! I love sitting there getting ready in the morning. It always puts me in a better mood when I take the time to properly get ready. 


  1. My gosh, so neat, you should see mine! Vanity tables are so feminie and gorgeous.

  2. The spice rack with space for cotton wool is a great idea! I might steal it! (The idea, not your spice rack haha).

  3. So fancy! I very much like that although you've had to compromise on a 'proper' vanity table it still looks this sweet! x

  4. Pretty! When I move out of my dorm I'm definitely using this idea!

  5. i wish i could be as organized as you are!

  6. What a tremendously pretty mini vanity table and array of beauty products (and fabulous hair accessories!). Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful corner of your house with us.

    Tons of hugs & joyful weekend wishes,

  7. I love your vanity, and I especially love the spice rack. I just may have to borrow that idea. And I also really like what you done with the three tier cake stand. Very clever!

    We have an old office desk in spare room and I use that as a vanity but because it has a large surface it winds up holding a lot of other "stuff" as well. But there is something decidedly feminine about sitting at a vanity and doing your make-up isn't there.

  8. The spice rack is a genius idea. I've always wanted a vanity table but I figured I would need a lot of space for it. Thanks for showing us you don't really need a ton of space to have a touch of elegance.

  9. absolutely amazing! i live in a cramped apartment with not enough space haha this is perfect iv been wanting to make my own vanity but i was worked it would look like a unorganized pile of junk haha I'm so happy i found this, it is so perfect :)


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