Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blue, Red, and a Nurses Cape

Outfit details: 1950's dress- Etsy
Red necklace- made by me
Sweater- thrifted
Hair flower- made by me
Shoes- gift

My parents are lucky enough to be away on holiday this week. I'm stuck here but I thought that was no reason I couldn't go out and have at least a little fun too. So I called up Britt and we went to Port Perry for lunch and a bit of shopping. We of course stopped at the yarn store on the way home as well. It was a lovely day, except for a bit of rain/hail at one point.

This late in the season, the air is very chilly and to keep warm I decided to pull out my nurses cape. I bought it last winter but this was my first time actually wearing it out. It is pure wool and very, very warm. If I end up dressing up for Halloween I may be a nurse this year, mainly because I want an excuse to wear the matching nurses cap. I love that the original nurse's name is on the cap and her initials are embroidered inside the cape. I believe it's from either the 1950s or 1960s.

That's All.

PS: It took me ages to come up with a title for this post. I greatly envy bloggers who come up with good blog post titles.


  1. Lovely outfit! And your hair looks great!

  2. You look so cute! And the cape is simply gorgeous.

  3. Love this outfit, the cape is just beautiful. I like it when I buy/find vintage clothes with the original owners name in them. I think you would be a lovely nurse for halloween. Don't worry too much about blog post titles being so difficult to think of, I'll be popping back again for sure.

  4. This cape is absolutely great. I've always wanted one but never had the chance to buy one. So, how lucky you have been.

  5. that cape is really lovely on you

    urban hounds

  6. The cape is gorgeous. I love finding things with the original owners name in, I like to think about who they might have been and what they may have done. Lovely dress too.

  7. You look smashing! I love the cheerful combo of sky blue, red and white, and of course your classic nurse's cape, too. I've wanted one of those ever since I was a little girl. Hopefully one day.

    Have an awesome weekend
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Ooh, I love the cape! Great outfit :)

  9. oh what an adorable outfit! you look cute as candy! i love the dress and the cape! you have impecable taste.
    you got yourself a new reader now;)
    love and kiss,mary


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