Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hair Tutorial and a Phonograph Fashions October Update

I've been a busy beaver adding new items to the shop. Here is a little preview of a few of the new garments:

This darling dress is on sale due to a small flaw in the back neck. This means it is quite a
 bargain at the moment! Of course if you want a "perfect" one I am more than willing to accept custom orders.
This beautiful top would be perfect for the holiday season. It is both elegant and comfortable. 
I think of this style as 1930's does Victorian, as I borrowed elements from both decades. 

Perfect for the vintage girl in winter, this flannel slip has been made from a vintage sheet. I have enough
materials to custom make you one in any size you want. Wait time for a custom order is less than 2 weeks.
I also have some cream material if you would prefer a different colour.

I now offer direct checkout as well, which means you can use Etsy giftcards in my shop or pay without having to use paypal.

I didn't have time for a "proper" youtube video this month so I left the camera on while I did Britt's hair for the photoshoot. Please try to ignore me in the background. I was in "photographer mode" which means no makeup and really old, unflattering clothes that I didn't care about getting mud on (one of the hazards of an outdoor photoshoot). I thought her hair turned out really cute but Britt wasn't a big fan. Oh well, you can't please everyone.

That's All.


  1. Your fashions are so timelessly, terrifically beautiful.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. How beautiful! I especially like your 1930s does Victorian blouse. And that creamy peachy/pink blouse looks so glamorous. Your designs are simply lovely.

  3. I love your 1930s does Victorian blouse! And the other garments are beautiful too! Well done!


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