Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Autumn Walks

My mother splurged on a parking pass to all the local conservation areas, so we've been making an extra effort to go for more walks. I love stomping through the woods and discovering new trails. 

I never seem to have a chance to do outfit photos anymore, so I made my mom stop and snap a few pictures of me. The lighting was really too dim for outfit shots, but I did get one half-decent photo. I'm wearing my favorite black beret, cat-eye sunglasses, wide-leg wool trousers, and a sweater I made last year based on a 1930's design. I know, I know, cat-eye sunglasses should not be worn with a 1930's style sweater but I was feeling rebellious (Am I the only one who worries if her sunglasses match the decade of her outfit? haha)

I've said it before, but autumn is by far my favourite season. I love the crisp air and the smell of fallen leaves.

This particular conservation area has a seriously intense set of stairs. Normally I climb up it, but this time we went down and I took a picture at each bend (i.e. each photo does not include the previous section, so you get an idea how high up it goes).

Almost there.....
 Whew! I get tired just looking at the photos. But when you reach the bottom you are met with a lovely beaver pond (alternatively, when you reach the top you get a spectacular view from the lookout).
That's All.


  1. I figure the average person won't know the difference between 30s pants and 50s sunglasses, so as long as it looks cute to me, I'll do whatever :)

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery! My goodness, I feel like these photos should be in a coffee table book.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Looking good!! Love that sweater!

  4. lovely pictures and pretty pants

    urban hounds

  5. That's quite a staircase! The colorful leaves and pine needles strewn about the edges of the stairs in the first snapshot are so pretty with the weathered wood of the stairs.
    Love your look, especially your sweater. The great thing about living in the modern world is having all the fashion of the past to choose from to construct the perfect look.


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