Friday, March 16, 2012

Casual Friday and Another New Pattern!

It was quite warm outside today. We seemed to have skipped spring and gone from winter directly into summer! Despite the warm weather I ended up wearing a wool sweater today. I have found myself completely in love with the Lord Peter Wimsey mystery I picked up at a used bookstore. I have never read one before but so far it's great! It makes a nice change from the Agatha Christie's I normally read, although I will admit they do have many similarities. I suppose that's why I like it. Keeping with the 1930's theme, I decided to dress in a very casual 1930's inspired style to go hiking today. I suppose it was more of a stroll than a hike... I realize this isn't the most flattering outfit, but it was extremely comfy and I was told I looked fancy several times today  so it couldn't have been that bad.
 Outfit Details:
Wool Sweater: I've worn this is few times before on here, but it's my favourite sweater. It's vintage and belonged to my dad until I stole it :D
Skirt: This was a large floor length skirt that my mom didn't want anymore. I took it in quite a bit at the sides and now it's a 1930's inspired high-waisted pencil skirt!
Riding Boots: Ariat 
Faux Pearl Necklace: Vintage
Book: Have His Carcase, a Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery - by Dorothy L. Sayers

I thought I would also mention that I have another new pattern in my Etsy shop (and soon it will also be in my Ravelry shop as well!). My tester finished faster than expected so I decided I might as well release it now. This one is a knitting pattern, and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I based it loosely off of a 1940's design, and it is similar to a pillbox hat. It features a heart shaped top, and is definitely slightly whimsical and romantic. Introducing the Let's Fall In Love pattern:

 That's All.


  1. I love that blue sweater. It looks cozy and comfy. Spring seems to have been skipped here as well. 80 degrees and it's still officially winter!

  2. This outfit makes me think of Miss Lemon out for a weekend walk in the country! X

  3. Lovely new pattern and so well made! Sounds like you had a great time and you look so comfy! Keep enjoying the book! XxxX


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