Monday, March 12, 2012

Media Medley

Time for another Media Medley Post! This time I've added an "other" category!

True to the Navy by Clara Bow - This is one of the few songs sung by Clara that I actually like. There is a film clip that goes along with it which can be watched here on youtube.
Button Up Your Overcoat by Annette Hanshaw - One of my favourite of her recordings. This is one of the songs she sang in the baby-voice style (similar Helen Kane).

My Man Godfrey - This is one of my favourite William Powell movies! It also stars Carole Lombard and is basically just a screwball comedy. It's very entertaining though. 
Thirteenth Guest - A murder mystery starring Ginger Rogers. Not the greatest film, but pretty good and only a little over an hour. 

Radio Show:
Archie Andrews - I thought I would share something different than the detective shows I normally post. This show reminds me of the many hours I spent as a child reading Archie comics. I find some of the voices slightly annoying but it is a cute radio program.

I have recently started reading some of the publications available and there are some great books on there! I may have to get an e-reader just so I can read some of the out of print novels from the 1800's. You can of course also read them online. This week I've decided to share:
Catalogue of Fall and Winter Fashions from 1891 - There are some great fashion drawings in this booklet.

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  1. I'll be sure to check them out, but what is this "As a child business"? I keep a number of Archie comics on hand, and I buy them at the grocery store as often as my budget allows! Trust me when I say they're a nice break from heavy school reading.



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