Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Southworks Antiques

How is it that I've lived an hour bus ride away from Canada's largest antique mall for 4 years and not known about it?! I just keep telling myself that if I had known about it I would be broke by now, so perhaps it is all for the best.

Southworks Antiques is over 30,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles, and located in the beautiful city of Galt. Actually it's in the Galt region of the city of Cambridge, I think. I'm not quite sure how that all works... Anyways, like I was saying it's really big. I still haven't quite made my mind up if it is almost too big. My normal antique store is Market Road Antiques in St. Jacobs. While I enjoyed Southworks, I think I still prefer Market Road Antiques. Southworks seemed more crowded and difficult to shop. They were however fairly priced and there were many, many things I would have loved to take home with me. In the end, I settled on four items: a pair of galoshes, a magazine, a nightgown, and a hoop skirt.

I have been looking for a white antique nightgown for a while, so I was very happy when I found this darling. The nightgown was labeled as circa 1920, although I think it may be slightly earlier than that. I styled it as a dress and wore it to class today.

My friend told me I looked a bit like a crazy person wearing a nightgown so I played around with it a bit when I got home. I've discovered it looks a lot less like a nightgown when worn as a top with my Victorian styled skirt.      

The galoshes were my silly purchase of the day. I love the idea of galoshes and these were in excellent condition. The galoshes are Gaytee's, and I think they are from the 1940's. The best part of buying the galoshes is getting to say the word galoshes. Hehehe... it is such a fun word to say! Galoshes, galoshes...

I bought another magazine to add to my growing collection. It's a Photoplay from 1939. The magazine is filled with lots of interesting articles, but despite the giant picture of Shirley Temple on the cover there is nothing about her in the entire magazine! Oh well, I'm not actually a big Shirley Temple fan. She kind of creeps me out a bit haha.

And now for a picture of me in my underwear. What wait?! Don't worry, nothing very scandalous going on. I just couldn't figure out how to photograph my new hoop skirt so I decided to model it for a few quick snaps. I was in the market for a new petticoat for a certain dress and couldn't find one in my budget. Luckily this baby was cheap and will work perfectly!

Ok, this last one wasn't from the antique store. It was bought from the children's toy store nearby. Is it not the most badass kite you have ever seen?! I have plans to take it flying tomorrow. :D

The Dread Pirate Tabby!

That's All.


  1. SO funny, there is a sesame street clip about the word galoshes. you should youtube it! Love those shoes,
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Great finds...Southworks rocks. If I wasn't too far away to source from there anymore, I'd say "shhhh, don't give up this source!" LOL

  3. Pretty finds!! That antique mall sounds like such a dream!
    And I love your antique nightie. I have a little collection of turn-of-the-century nightgowns; I'm sure I look something like an escaped mental patient in them, but I embrace it ;)

  4. Oh Wow, an antique mall sounds like heaven to me. I love the gown and how clever to wear it with a skirt as a blouse! Hope you have fun flying your kite....all I could think of was the closing scenes of Mary Poppins.

  5. I love styling up clothes to make a different outfit, love your boots too! X

  6. I'm just over half an hour from Southworks by car and I only just found it. I've also always gone to Market Road Antiques and the other one near the market. I was amazed by Southworks the first time I went there. There is so much it is a little overwhelming!

    Great finds, and I love your galoshes and the petticoat too!

  7. I love the cat on your kite, it makes me smile. (I love your other purchases, but cute cats win every time for me!)

  8. This is a great posting I have read. I like your article.

  9. Congratulations on discovering Southworks! I love it there - I go whenever it rains. If you can go during the week it's not very busy - much better.

  10. Wow, great finds! I want a hoop skirt!!! I live near this southern gardens place and they have girls wearing huge southern style dresses with massive skirts. They're so cool!

    Mabel Time

  11. Hooray for galoshes! What fun. Love the nightgown, too. I find that enormous antique malls should be used sparingly--they can be so overwhelming! We have one west of town that is gigantic and I usually end up just going through part of it on each visit or else I become an antiques zombie.

  12. What immensely terrific finds - the hoop skirt in particular has me swooning (and yearning to go to a Victorian ball). Thank you for sharing your marvelous new treasures with us.

    Many sweet thanks as well for your wonderfully nice comment on my vintage outfit post this week, dear gal, it really brightened my day (had "one of those nights" last night ;) ).

    Wishing you a serene, beautiful Easter weekend,


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