Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer Weather

Although I haven't gotten out recently, with the exception of meeting with fellow students to work on assignments, the weather has been much too warm to not dress up. It seems to be getting closer to seasonal now, but just a few days ago it was quite honestly as warm as summer. They actually had to turn on the air conditioning in parts of campus! I should add only two weeks ago there was still snow on the ground! I hadn't planned on wearing my summer dresses for a while, but with the weather so freaky, I got a chance to wear one of my favourite dresses. It's 1950's and was a birthday gift from my mother. 

My friend was nice enough to take these photos for me (actually I bribed him with copies of class notes he missed). Of course he got a little fed up as I kept making him stand in different spots so I could find a good spot for outfit photos. He felt a little akward that everyone kept staring at us, but oh well. Taking photos with someone is so much easier than with a tripod!! 

And now I need to get back to this:

That's All.


  1. Your dress looks so nice and fresh with the matching earrings and headpiece. Wish you success for your assignments!

  2. It is easier, but then you have to find someone! Lovely dress.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Super cute! Best of luck with your school work. I know how that is...

  4. Fantastic dress; you look stunning!

  5. Omg omg!! You're studying math too!! That's mathematical statistics, if I could estimate properly from the photo, isn't it? :)
    Btw lovely dress!

    1. Yes it is! I'm working towards a degree in mathematics with a major in statistics :)

    2. Haha epic! I got my masters in mathematical statistics and now I'm finishing another masters in financial mathematics :)
      Lovely to see more math lovers in the vintage world :)

  6. My sister is about to get her PhD in math! Also: You look lovely in that dress.

  7. So nice! I heard the weather was fabulous while I was out west, and I was so sad to have missed it, especially since I brought the cold weather back with me.


  8. Gorgeous dress! Your outfit all goes so well together! XxxX

  9. What a wonderfully lovely outfit! I've been feeling softer shades of blue a lot as we head into spring absolutely adore the ones in this charming outfit.

    Many thanks for your sweet blog comment this week, dear gal, I really appreciate it.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Wednesday,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. great outfit!! you look so pretty :)
    what about to follow each other? :) Let me know..

  11. Hi,
    ur blog's really cool! And your dress is really lovely :)


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