Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ann Harding Inspired Hairstyle (and a very sore wrist)

I've hurt my wrist, which means no knitting and a lot less computer time for at least the next week :( I did however upload another hair tutorial before my wrist decided to hurt like hell. I have been working on so many knitting projects (and some new patterns!) which makes it very difficult not knit. Oh well... Hopefully a few days of rest and I will be back to knitting and typing. Until then enjoy the video! (I actually made a few other videos but my computer decided to delete them all because it hates me.)


  1. oh I hope your wrist gets better soon:) Great video I am definitely going to give a whirl at the weekend!!!

  2. I really like that hairstyle! I just might have enough hair to try it out.

    Hope your wrist feels better soon!

  3. I love it! Your hair is so pretty. :)


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