Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thrifting Finds and Giveaway Winner

I don't often shop at thrift stores for the simple reason all the thrift stores where I live are extremely over priced and never have interesting things. However I was dropping off a resume at a nearby store and thought I would pop in to see if there was any vintage to save.  I didn't find much but I did end up buying this dress:

It may not be very old, but it is handmade. For $6 I thought it was worth a shot. I plan on styling (and possibly altering it) to make it more 1920's style.

Also, to my great surprise, amid the 1980's  sewing patterns were lurking these sweet 1960's ones! I still haven't decided whether to keep them or sell them. Anyone want to make me an offer? haha

Today, while property hunting in the country, my parents and I stopped at a little store that was for sale. It was basically a junk shop but the building was rather interesting. I had a bit of a hunt around and managed to find two little treasures. First was this Baby Ben Westclox. I have another Westclox and want to start a collection. It was a steal at $1.50

The second item I found was this cow creamer. I have wanted a cow creamer for ages! It was only $2.50 so I snapped it up and am currently giving it a VERY good wash...

And now for the giveaway winners! Drumroll please...
Winner of first prize is: #5, Perdita!   
Winner of the second prize is: #2, adarhysenthe! 

Thank you to everyone for entering! If the winners could email me at so I can send you your prizes.

That's All.


  1. I own the same alarm clock...pretty loud ;-)

  2. Cute dress! Congratulations to the winner. x hivenn

  3. I have the exact same cow creamer! I bought it from Williams-Sonoma, so I definitely paid more than $2.50. I love the Simplicity 7826 pattern view on the right. So cute!

  4. Oh wow! Thanks. :) I will email my details...

    I love that dress, the buttons are a great detail. I would weat it 'as is' being a bit of a 60s-80s lover!

  5. a great idea to collect those clocks....they will not take up too much room when you reach 100 or so.


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