Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anyone good at coming up with names?

I've been a busy little bee this week putting the finishing touches on my latest pdf pattern. However, this one isn't a knitting pattern, but rather a sewing pattern! I've designed a cute 1930's inspired hat and am planning on selling the pattern in my Etsy Store. However, I am having a terrible time coming up with a suitable name for the hat. After almost three days of trying to come up with a name, I've decided to ask all of you.

If you have any suggestions for a name leave me a comment on this post before the 30th of October. The creator of the name I end up using will get a free copy of the pattern (in pdf form). Thanks everyone for the help :) I'm just terrible at coming up with nifty names.

Here are some pictures of the design (which my friend Britt was kind enough to model):

The hat was loosely based on this image (from The Costumer's Manifesto)
Thanks again for your help!

That's All.


  1. Dare to be Red? Love it, you are so smart

  2. it sure is a cloche, a typical hat was born 20 years, and used for all 30 years.......very nice in red.
    You can use the word cloche combined with feminine names typical of 30 years....
    I comes to mind Madame Cloche

    bye Debora

  3. That red hat is absolutely fantastic....FANTASTIC...!!!

  4. You need a fancy kind of name like Adelaide or Emmaline or something beautiful and old fashioned like the hat which is beautiful by the way :)

  5. The pretty red one reminds me of a cute rain hat. How about The Rainy Flapper? :)

  6. It reminds me of the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie ...

    I'd call it Millie or Millicent.

    LOVE it!

  7. 'Turn the other chic'? Just because of the cute turn-up on it and because it's darn fab!!!! Love love love love!!!!!

  8. How about Sweet Bea?

  9. What a cute hat! I love it in red. Name-making isn't my strong point though...
    - Emily

  10. Miss Dolly Daydream, as I am sure you would in that hat :) x

  11. Teacap flat hat :) lol gonna say I do like my pix :)

  12. Singing in the rain would be a good name I think. It is a really cute hat :)


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