Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hair Styling Cabinet

I cleaned out the mirrored medicine cabinet in my bathroom and turned it into a hair styling cabinet! It now holds my most frequently used foam rollers, pins, clips, rags (for rag curling), styling combs, a head scarf (for wearing over a set at night), and my spray bottle (which is filled with water+lemon juice, which helps hold styles a little better than just water). 

 I used canning jars to store my smaller rollers and rags, and candy tins for my clips and pins. The inspiration images are glued to magnets so they are easy to change and move around.  

That's All.


  1. That is so cool. I can see how it would be really inspiring on those days when you don't quite want to bother setting your hair.

    Beautiful idea.

  2. That looks amazing! I love it :) such a good idea that you can swap around the pictures, and the jars and tins fit perfectly.

    You've given me inspiration to go sort out my make up and hair bits now too!


  3. I absolutely LOVE this!!! I found a vintage bottle with a sprayer on it a few months ago, should have picked it up for my hair styling

  4. How cute! And I love the magnet idea! It would be so fun!

  5. How creative! I would never have thought of that.

  6. Vary Cute I love how you have your inspiration images glued on it =)

  7. How perfect looking is your cabinet! I'm completely inspired now to update mine gets so cluttered and messy! :) Wonderful job!

  8. I'm curious--where did you find your inspiration images? I just adore them!

  9. @ Tia: Some I found on Flickr, a few I just stumbled across, and the rest I found through pinterest. They are all on my vintage photos pinterest board now


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