Sunday, October 23, 2011

Antique Sale Treasures

Last weekend I attended an antique sale in Port Perry. It was much larger than I was expecting and I barely had time to see everything. It was one of the better antique sales I had been to in a while. Of course I might be biased since my purchase of the day was so amazing.

I have long drooled over 1920`s dresses online that I couldn't even dream of affording. One of the vendors at the sale had a rack with two dresses and a jacket on it. None of the garments where in amazing shape but a black lace 1920`s dress caught my eye. Other than a small tear in the lace near the shoulder, it was in perfect condition. I looked around for a price. I finally asked the sweet older woman running the booth. She looked me up and down. She told me the dresses were in very delicate condition. I smiled and told her I understood that. She paused for a moment and said "Well I bought them all ten years ago for $50, but I would be willing to sell them for a little less. I just loved them so much I've held onto them all this time. How about $25 for the three?" I think my jaw hit the floor before I almost yelled "I'll take them!!!". She was very sweet and gently wrapped them up for me. I think she wanted them to go to a good home and wouldn't have sold them to someone she didn't feel would appreciate them. Anyways, I suppose by now you are dying to see some pictures!

The pictures really don't do this dress justice. It is simply stunning.

The jacket is in rather poor condition but is fascinating to look at. It has boning (possibly metal?) on the inside and lots of dark sequins sewn into the trim.

This dress is actually my favourite now. The faux pearls and lace are very captivating. It's a shame it is too delicate to even think about wearing (the lace straps have almost completely disintegrated).

That's All.


  1. Gorgeous stuff. That jacket is AWESOME.


  2. The dresses are just gorgeous. I love the white one.

  3. You lucky ducky I love that top dress I am soooo envious I hope I find a little old lady like that one day lol

  4. Oh wow, what stunning pieces, and such a bargain!!! That white dress really is divine; shame it's so delicate, but it's pretty enough to hang on the wall as art!

  5. My favorite is the black lace dress. Amazing! I'm actually about to sew a dress in black lace - just need the pattern to arrive, get some fabric, and the time to sew...It's sad so many of those old dresses are too fragile to be worn anymore. I guess all you can do is hang them on the walls, like pieces of art, and just admire them...

  6. That's such a great deal and find!


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